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DVD-quality video server with full frame rate and high resolution on all four ports, plus optional on-board analytics

At A Glance
  • 4-port video encoder with dual-stream, MPEG-4 SP video up to 4CIF/30fps on all ports
  • External power supply and low power consumption for a highly efficient, energy-saving solution
  • Available with on-board analytics or enhanced dual-streaming performance
  • Automatic camera tampering detection
  • Optional bi-directional audio channel
  • Configure and manage using Nextiva or other software management applications

Nextiva S1704e Feature Set

s1704eThe Nextiva S1704e is the industry’s only 4-port video encoder with a comprehensive feature set that includes full frame rate with high resolution on all ports, camera tampering detection, an external power supply, and optional embedded video analytics.

The S1704e video server is especially effective in large-scale applications that require high-quality video, delivering dual-stream, MPEG-4 video up to 4CIF/30 frames per second on all four ports. The S1704e incorporates Verint’s industry-leading video encoding technology for superior imagery and optimal bandwidth utilization. The S1704e also optimizes use of storage resources, with dual streaming that enables video to be viewed at high resolution with excellent image clarity, but stored at lower resolution.

An available high-power processor can be used for enhanced dual-stream video quality or for deploying on-board video analytics. These on-board analytics analyze images at the point of capture, eliminating the need to send all video to centralized servers for analysis. This can significantly reduce network bandwidth, storage, and server requirements, while providing highly accurate image analysis. Nextiva features a full line of sophisticated, on-board video analytics and is fully integrated with many third-party analytic applications, such as Agent Vi.

Automated camera tampering detection comes standard with the S1704e to rapidly detect when cameras are out of focus, helping to ensure that critical images are available and reducing the need to physically examine each camera on site.

SSL-based authentication helps prevent unauthorized access. An RS-232 serial port is provided for integration with access control systems, and an RS-422/485 serial port supports motorized domes and cameras.

Energy Efficient, Longer Life, Lower Cost of Ownership

The Nextiva S1704e features an external power supply, virtually eliminating the need to replace functional encoders because of faulty internal power units. Nextiva S1704e power consumption is just 20W, so it uses far less power than competitive products. This makes the S1704e a highly efficient, energy-saving choice. And the S1704e can be managed using Nextiva Enterprise or third-party video management software (via the Nextiva Advantage SDK), enabling organizations to deploy the video management solutions that best address their budgets and objectives.

Easy to Install, Less Costly to Service

The Nextiva S1704e video encoder is built for easy installation and operation in virtually any type of video system. These rack-mountable encoders can be placed in an IT closet with other network equipment, plugged into the Ethernet network, and configured individually using Verint’s Windows-based SConfigurator software or in batches using Nextiva Control Center.

With multi-tiered support programs and the industry’s most comprehensive video portfolio — video management software, integrated video analytics, encoders, IP cameras, wireless devices, and intelligent DVRs,— Verint delivers the solutions our partners and customers need to achieve their most important objectives.

Interface Ethernet 10/100Base-T
Connector RJ-45 jack
Protocols Transport: RTP/IP, UDP/IP, TCP/IP, or multicast IP
Others: DNS, NTP, HTTP, FTP, and DHCP client
Security SSL-based authentication

Input 4 composites, 1 Vpp into 75 ohms NTSC/PAL
Dual Stream 4CIF/30fps and CIF/15fps programmable
Connectors BNC female
Compression MPEG-4 SP, SM4
Resolution Scalable from 352x240 to 704x480 pixels NTSC and 352x288 to 704x576 pixels PAL
Frame Rate 4 x 1-30fps NTSC, 1-25fps PAL programmable (full motion)
Bandwidth Each stream configurable from 30Kbps to 6Mbps

Serial Port
Electrical Levels Port 1: RS-232 (max. 230 kbps)
Port 2: RS-422/485 2/4 wires (max. 230 kbps)
Connectors Port 1: DB-9 female (DCE)
Port 2: pluggable screw-terminal strip
Operating Mode Transparent serial port supporting any asynchronous serial protocol

Alarm & Audio
Alarm Input: 12 dry contacts
Output: 2 relay contacts (48V AC/DC at 100 mA max.)
Bi-Directional Audio (optional) Input: 1, -46 to -3 dBV into 30 kohms (line or microphone)
Output: -46 to -3 dBV into 8 ohms min.
Connectors: One set of 1/8 in. (3.5 mm) input and output
Stereo jacks

Supply/Voltage S1704e-T and S1704e-T-A: 12V DC +/- 10% (17W)
S1704e-T-AS and S1704e-T-A-AS: 12V DC +/- 10% (20W)

Enclosure Metal case with flange mount (black)
Dimensions 17L x 6.1W x 1.7H in. (431.8L x 154.9W x 43.2H mm)
Weight 5.3 lbs (2.4 kg)
Environmental 32ºF to 140ºF (0ºC to 60ºC)
Humidity 95% non-condensing at 122ºF (50ºC)

Configuration Remote: Nextiva, SConfigurator
Local: via the serial port using any ASCII terminal
Firmware Upgrade Flash memory for upgrade of firmware over the network; remote batch upgrade available through
Nextiva Control Center and SConfigurator

Certification and Regulation
RoHS compliant, UL certified
USA UL, FCC Part 15 (Subpart B, Class A)
Canada ICES-003/NMB-003
Europe CE marked, EN 55022: 1998 Class A, EN 55024

S1704e-T 4-input IP video encoder
S1704e-T-A With 1 bi-directional audio channel
S1704e-T-AS With on-board analytics* or enhanced dual-streaming performance
S1704e-T-A-AS With on-board analytics* or enhanced dual-streaming performance and 1 bi-directional audio port

* Nextiva analytics licensed separately